Che’s Bolivian Diary October 6 1967

The scouting expeditions revealed that there was a  house quite close to us, and that there was water in a ravine farther away.

We headed off and spent the whole day cooking under a big rock slab that served as a roof, but in spite of this, I did not have a restful day as we had passed close to populated areas in full daylight, and were now in a hole.

Because preparing the food took so long, we decided to leave at dawn and make our way to a tributary near this little creek, and from there scout the area more exhaustively to determine our future route.

Radio Cruz del Sur reported an interview with Cambas; Orlando was a little less of a rouge. A Chilean radio station reported some censored news that indicates there are 1,800 men in the area looking for us.

Altitude =1,750 meters.

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