Pastor Petitions Christian Association Of Nigeria (CAN) Accuses Pentecostal Churches Of Receiving Lion Shares Of The Money Given By Peter Obi

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Happy reading but shouldn’t INEC and EFCC, be interested?

Dear Sir,


With reference to the above and sequel to the meeting convened by my Church Dominion Centre International as Senior Pastor and few other churches within our locality of the Imo State metropolis on the raging misappropriation of N2 Billion disbursed by Mr. Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party to the various Christian organizations, on behalf of our district of the PFN, we do hereby petition the President of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), while other bodies duly served under the leadership of the Most Rev. Daniel Chukwudumebi Okoh expressing our disappointment, displeasure and disbelief of how the said funds were disbursed to mega churches, affluent Pentecostal churches, televangelists and renowned popular names of the Christendom.

CAN President.

We are appalled and disappointed that such humongous amount of money was given to the church by the Labour party to help and assist in mobilizing and convincing their congregation to vote massively for the candidacy of Mr. Peter Obi but to our chagrin, the said sum of money has developed wings and cannot be traced, as we have it on good authority, that it has been fleeced by mega churches and popular pastors and leaders who already as we write, are receiving the presidential candidate across the length and breadth of Nigeria without due consideration to other churches that have not received their own part of the funds.
Sir, our grievances and anger are summarized in the questions below that need urgent answers and attention from CAN, PFN and Catholic Bishops of Nigeria. If our questions are not attended to, we would be forced to address a World Press Conference, for the world to know what is happening in the Christendom in Nigeria.

1.Why would the Christian body of leaders collect a humongous amount of N2 billion on behalf of the entire Christendom and not remit/disburse same funds for the purposes of which the funds were meant?

2.Why would the Christian body go against the laid down procedures including against the Independent National Electoral Commission mandate (INEC) against party politics and engagement of candidate especially in the issue of religion and collecting funds from the backdoor.  From our investigations so far, few Catholic Bishops denied the knowledge for the disbursement while others were curried along but the funds were shared on different terms based on the congregation of fellowship and the popularity of the pastor/bishop in charge.

Some Pentecostal churches denied knowledge of the funds that they are yet to receive theirs while few others said the money, were only given and disbursed to mega churches and popular TV Evangelists of the Pentecostal faith. However, we were told that the Redeemed Church, Winners and Dunamis churches were all in the know but refused any partisanship of the funds disbursement.

We have it on good authority that other Pentecostal churches and little known pastors felt shortchanged and are calling that heads must roll and that the world must hear this and know what is happening in the Christendom.

That the main purpose of the funds  of N2 Billion disbursed by Mr. Peter Obi was to assunge the church for mobilization during this year end so as to allow him audience, to solicit for votes from the churches, while the various church leaders will also instruct their congregations to vote for him massively for the presidential elections, using this month of December to tour the various bodies of churches based on the funds disbursed.   

Accordingly, sir, the money was not used adequately nor was it disbursed transparently by the various church organs, as the leaders that have received theirs are earnestly waiting and soliciting for dates with their various bodies to host the august  visitor in their respective churches.
We gathered that some churches are asking for a visiting fee of about N50 million and above so as to ask their congregation to vote for Mr. Peter Obi during the presidential elections.

Sir, we are of the opinion, that if such a monumental scandal rocks the church in Nigeria which has become the last hope and opium of the people, it will go down memory lane that it happened during your leadership and tenure and as such, we respectfully ask for our own share of the funds to enable us receive the presidential candidate and his team to our respective churches.

While we ask for transparency, equity and justice on the above subject matter, sir, we ask that we stick to the original plan meant for the funds and that all churches of different denomination under the various organs should as a matter of fact receive their dues and funding, if not, we will be forced to write a petition to all the anti-graft agencies and the Ministry of Interior for justice to be done. As this is not the first time such an incident has occurred.

We have unilaterally agreed that we would not mobilize our congregation for Mr. Peter Obi bemuse our churches in the zone have not received the disbursement.

Accordingly, sir, we are appealing to you through this petition to use your good affices to rein-in on the megu churches, bishops and senior members of the various organs, to please, call for a round-table discussion on this very vexatious issue so that the funds can be shared equitably and judiciously for the betterment of every church concerned and for the mobilization of Mr. Peter Obi.

We are also using this medium to say that we are ready not to rock the boat as this largesse will go along way to assist the various churches at this end ofthe year due to the harsh economic realitics.

We further use this medium to advise Mr. President of CAN to call on all Christian bodies and organs across the country to always consult one another and all other smaller churches when the need arises for any important issue to be tabled or discussed especially when it concerns funds of this nature.

Yours faithfully.
Pastor Frank Onwumere.
Dominion Centre International.

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  1. Blatant and sponsored lie. Pastor Adeboye, Bishop Oyedepo and the likes, with all God has helped them to build and do in life will subscribe to sharing of #2b cos of vote for Obi. Fear God.

    Please, find another lie, this one has been casted.

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