Massage With Happy Ending Is Not Romancing

Bishop you have cum again, which one be massage with happy ending.

My brother, na so I hear at the just concluded NBA AGC in Lagos oh!

But what is it?

Let me ask those that I escorted to spa. But know that what happens on the island, are buried in the lagoon before crossing Eko bridge or before nearing 3rd main land bridge.

Bishop stop talking geographically and speak carnally, I want to hear.

You should know first, that massage no be romance. The two are not the same. Massage is used to release tension in the muscles and nerves while romance is used to increase tension in the heart and pump blood into the vines of the 3rd leg, making that worm stand as hard as a drilling tool.

The carnal Bishop, you have started with this your theology.

But na you won know what is massage with happy ending.

Sorry my lord Bishop, keep dripping, I am wet and willing to receive knowing from your fountain rod.

When the masseur releases the muscular tension with hard hand, oil, stones, bones and wakes your 3rd leg to attention with the tips of her fingers, lips, causing tension that she must release with the tip of her hands or lips, you have massage with happy ending. It costs a bit extra oh

For the ladies, when the masseur’s fingers goes in between the legs and over stay, causing earthquaking vibrations all over you, it is massage with happy ending. He can lick it up, if you so desire.

You don’t mean it. You guys did all these in Lagos? I thought you went for CORNference?

Yes, we didn’t see Tinubu to give us corn, so lawyers appropriated CORNference materials and those with materials for the conference, got massage with happy ending in their hotel rooms, from a night nurse.

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