Bishop Of The Sinners Assembly Visits Mammy Market Birnin Kebbi

Nigerian Army Barracks anywhere in Nigeria, is one jurisdiction and plus everything that happens in any barracks anywhere in Nigeria, is replicated despite whatever the local politics or religion dictates.

So I left NBA NEC Meeting beer in my hotel is N1000 per bottle; to travel on the back of an Okada, to visit Mammy Market. It was a journey and the division is clear.
On our way, I noticed that there are clusters of Christian churches with no Mosque seen along the road.
Cities in Northern Nigeria are divided along certain lines.
You must understand these lines and stray at your own risk. But you must cross them to understand the others, appreciate their fears and also overcome your own prejudices.
Most of us hate others based on tales told to us by those who has ax to grind with people on the other side of the divide.    

I have religious friends who drink more than me and we drink at peace, so long as the discussion does not dovetail into religious discussion.
It is also safe to discuss women so long as you don’t mention hijab.
So she can remove hijab and cum naked to join us to drink. After being tipsy, she can go to her car, wear her hijab and go home.

I have also seen a priest drunk with instant hardon beneath his cassock.
Experience has shown me that, the most blood thirsty religious fanatic of any faith, merely wants to cow you, dominate you, terrorize you into living in a manner that will make him feel secured, that he is not the only one being denied the pleasure of the flesh.
But all religious persons, deny themselves earthly pleasure because they believe the more they deny themselves here, the greater chances of their souls being purified to qualify to enjoy these pleasures in the hereafter, under the erotic supervision of their god; abundance of virgins, rivers of wine and everlasting orgy guaranteed.

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