Encounter With Mpi Dike

Between Zone 7 and Zone 5 Abuja, my phone rang. He introduced himself and wanted us to meet in Abuja. Who is this I wondered but I had been billed to be in my home town Azaraegbelu to fraternize with my ancestors and I told him that meeting in Abuja that week, wasn’t possible.

Lo and behold, he called me again, nwanne, I just landed the airport, where is your house in Azaraegbelu? Kennedy-Aluma Aluma Amara Dike will bring me to your house.” Like play, like play, he tracked me down at TTC Primary School Azaraegbelu, on your way to Onum kindred.

Who is this Mpi Dike and what do I have to offer him for him to ferret me at ungodly dark hour? My heart did a double beat, when in the course of our introduction, it was revealed that he is an Old Boy of Government College Owerri, was APGA Owerri Zone Senatorial Candidate when I was in APGA as Aspirant. We blended and he started singing a song this old bones of mine are never tired of dancing to.   Hear him;

“May God in His Infinite and Abundant Mercy Continue to Shine His Light on you and your family.   

My name is Mike Nwachukwu. I hail from Umuokpaa Egbelu Obube in Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo State.

I am the candidate of ACCORD for the Imo East (Owerri Zone)  Senatorial District.

I shall be delighted to have an audience with you at your earliest convenience and the objective is to explain to you why I want to represent Imo East (Owerri Zone) Senatorial District in the National Assembly – _what I want to do for nde Owerri Zone and how I want to do it._

As you know, the responsibility of the National Assembly is to make laws for the good governance of the country.

*But the single most important law making responsibility of the National Assembly is to pass the Appropriation Act – an annual ritual which defines how the resources of the Federal Government is going to be distributed among the competing federating units in the country!*

I have a very deep understanding of the Appropriation and Public Budgeting Process and therefore, have a plan on how we can take advantage of this deep understanding to address the Infrastructure Deficit issues in Owerri Zone as follows:

1. Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Construction

2. Electrical Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Construction

3. Health Infrastructure Rehabilitation and Construction

4. Educational Institutional Rehabilitation & Construction

5. Establishment of ICT + Skill Acquisition Centres Accross the Nine (9) Local Government Areas of  Owerri Zone to prepare our Youths for Direct & Indirect Employment

My background in Political & Behavioural Science, Management, Finance and Banking effectively prepares me for this arduous job which certainly requires a certain high level of intellectual rigor which by the Special Grace of God, I possess Sir.

I would be pleased bro, to be availed an opportunity to present before your good self the details of my plan to offer Owerri Zone EFFECTIVE REPRESENTATION in the Red Chamber on the basis of which I would humbly ask for your endorsement and support.

As I look forward to your positive response, kindly accept the assurances of my esteemed regards.

Remain Blessed.
Mike Nwachukwu.
Mpi Dike Egbelu Obube

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  1. Thanks for this post which I took some time to read and seem kind of impressed by the guy’s interest in the development of the Owerri Zone Senatorial District. I hail from Umuawuka, Emili in Owerri North and have seen the pathetic state of our roads and other sectors which has been largely responsible for backwardness in that area. Now, if he is true about being the right person, what can we in Lagos do to help his accent to the seat? Thanks.

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