16 Days To NBA Election; Contestants Seek My Support

I am flattered and flattened  that some contestants in the forthcoming NBA Election have reached out to me, seeking that I support them by making available my platforms to them.

I never knew I made such great impact on the few months I moved round NBA Branches, with the message of digitalizing NBA, birthing NBAOnline Tv and Radio to publicize NBA affairs.

They can only disqualify me but can’t kill the idea

I am still committed to designing a uniformed NBA digital diary, to avoid branches in a state having programs at the same time or it clashing with national program of NBA. This dream is still alive.

So after I endorsed Ogaga for Publicity Secretary, he chatted me up and I wished him well and made available some phone numbers to him, to assist his campaign.

I felt it was a closed closet but to my surprise, he called me, soliciting that I introduce him to my igbo support base. I was taken aback and responded with no definite commitment.
I was disqualified to make way for you, I endorsed you and now you want me to work for you? How stupid do you think I am?

Asenoguan Osamuede Isobomuma vying to serve as GS

In the course of my campaign, I visited his Branch NBA Benin more than 2 times(if you add Olumide Akpata’s wedding), Ogaga gave me cold shoulders, even when former Benin Branch Chairman, Asenoguan Osamuede Isobomuma vying for General Secretary, asked him to come drink beer with me, he ran away.
When he was sharing Olumide Akpata’s wedding invite, he didn’t give me. But despite these, I endorsed him, gave him over 1000 phone numbers already prepared in bulk SMS format.

My call log showing Ogaga’s missed call before I called him back.

So today, I am pissed beyond pampers that Ogaga called again to tell me that he is in Abuja for Otu Oka-Iwu meeting as well as Unity Bar meeting for tomorrow 1st July. Abeg, wetin concern agbero with overload? As gentlemanly expected of me, I wished him all the best and asked him to also find out when NBA Bwari, my branch will be meeting.

Apart from Ogaga, others have called me(I will hide their identity), but I am reluctant to commit to them. This is because, when I was unjustly disqualified, none of them spoke up or sent me SMS/WhatsApp message consoling me. They moved on and now, 16 days to election, 16 days that can swing the votes, they are reaching out to me.

Vote these two, they are Amazons of outstanding courage and leadership qualities.

The only persons who reached out to me after the NEC show of shame dare Lynda Rose Bala for 1st Vice President and Caroline Ladidi Anze-Bishop for Treasurer. They are the two I have assured of my one vote.

Seven days after the Ilorin NEC and Olumide Akpata’s outburst, I reached out to a good number of the Candidates, seeking succor but they were not sympathetic to me but all wanted how I can help in their campaign. One from Aba wanted the data analysis I made in Calabar at EBF meeting(even EBF leadership has not reached out to me, despite my contacting its Governor General and telling him of my disqualification.)

I wish them well and as mark of respect, I shall not be voting for any candidate, except Lynda Rose Bala for 1st Vice President and Caroline Ladidi Anze-Bishop for Treasurer. All Candidates, except these two, disappointed me, they didn’t value my friendship beyond NBA Election.

Vote wisely

So for the next 16 days, I shall freelance and objectively x-ray the chances of all candidates without any baggage on my shoulders. I urge you to also dispassionately look through them all and vote the best and not who did the best hangout, bought you fish, paid for your BPF and assisted you with paying your house rent.

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