Comrade Peter Obi Labour Party Presidential Candidate Commits To Cuba?

It was a meeting of great minds at the 10 remembrance of the death of Comrade Pascal Bafyau, one time NLC President in Abuja on Tuesday 28th June.

Tributes were showered on the late NLC leader but despite how glowing these tributes were, the presence of Comrade Peter Obi took the shine off the gathering.

At this ceremony, Peter Obi was formally presented to the Nigerian workers as the presidential candidate of the Workers Party-Labour Party (LP). The leadership of organized labour, pledged to mobilize workers to support Peter Obi’s presidential bid and make themselves available at all levels to assist Peter Obi’s campaign.

After the end of public show at the hall downstairs, Comrade Peter Obi and his team, were led to the 10th floor of NLC Labour House, were like the ancient rite of initiation, Comrade Peter Obi was presented with Nigerian Workers Charter of Demands and made Obi’s acceptance of this Charter a condition sacrosanct for Organized Labour and Nigerian Workers to support him.

Comrade Peter Obi accepted the Charter and pledged to actualize its clauses.

The  Nigerian Workers Charter of Demands, reads, “Every Nigerian child should enjoy guaranteed free, compulsory and qualitative basic education of nine years without discrimination for all children of school age. Access to qualitative and well-rounded senior secondary and tertiary education.

“Cost-free, qualitative and compulsory education at primary and secondary schools’ level, should be provided for every citizen as a birth-right by both the Federal and State Governments. The state should have full responsibility for funding education in public institutions. The cost-free education policy should cover school uniforms at primary and secondary levels, tuition, books, and meals during school hours.

“Massive investment in the overhauling of public education facilities all over Nigeria including classrooms and hostels complete with basic Information Communication Technology (ICT) and recreational facilities that promote the mental, moral and physical development of students…


Can Comrade Peter Obi meet these?

Another sacrosanct cardinal point of NLC is the Organized Labour’s relationship with Cuba and solidarity with the people of Cuba.
By accepting the endorsement of NLC/TUC, Comrade Peter Obi is bound to join the struggles being waged by NLC/TUC to get USA to light the economic embargo and blockade against Cuba. Comrade Peter Obi, is also morally and ideologically bound to join NLC/TUC, to call on the Government of USA and others in United Nation, to force USA to obey all UN Resolutions with regards to the USA embargo against Cuba, resolutions USA has flagrantly, arrogantly refused to obey.

With Comrade Clara, Cuban Ambassador to Nigeria

Friends of Cuba in Nigeria against this backdrop, welcome Comrade Peter Obi to Labour Party.
We can only be OBIdient, if Comrade Peter Obi shows solidarity to the people of Cuba and the suffering poor of Nigeria plus Africans within mother land!

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