As The Curtain Falls On Olumide Akpata Exco

In 16 days from today, a new NBA President will emerge, bringing to an end, Olumide Akpata’s tenure of 2020-2022. The coup de grace, will be during the AGM in Lagos.

But what will Olumide Akpata be remembered for? His image makers, worked hard to present him as a progressive, revolutionary, pragmatic leader. These were expected because he was in a very long time, a none Senior Advocate to become NBA President. But has he lived up to the hype of his court jesters? I leave that for you to access.

But in the twilight of his tenure, two things have cast deep gloomy shadow over his tenure.

First was the murder of Deborah Samuel Yakubu in Sokoto by Islamic fundamentalists. His handling of this, led to NBA President, being challenged by a Branch and a Forum( MULAN) We had expected him to not only bark like a paper tiger (Apologies to Governor Nysome Wike) but he chose to take it to NEC in Ilorin. I am yet to read of any sanction meted out to MULAN and NBA Sokoto Branch.   

In all my over 18 years in active NBA politics, I cannot remember when NBA President or NBA was taken to the cleaners like under this administration.

Another shadow over this dying administration, is the Supreme Court’s Judgment on wearing of hijab in public schools in Lagos. Interestingly, MULAN was a party in that suit and NBA wasn’t.

Well, members of NBA have taken to implementation of this judgment. The lingering silence by NBA under Akpata’s leadership, makes one wonder, whether the image his court jesters have painted of him is true.

His style of leadership, is to push everything to NEC and absolve himself of any personal responsibility. He has repeatedly said that Committees under his watch, are independent and he has no control over them, even when their activities bring shame to NBA.

Against this backdrop, Olumide Akpata, will not take any decisive step on Lawyers dressing like native doctors, Imams and prostitutes to court, until NEC meet. NEC will not meet again except if emergency NEC is called. Akpata’s last NEC was in Ilorin on the 9th of June. The pre-Convention NEC, is mere ceremonial.

Generations to come will judge Olumide Akpata’s administration based on these two events. How will history judge him?

On Deborah Samuel Yakubu, history will be fair to him but the footnote, will still have a say on his inability to decisively respond to MULAN.

On the hijab and lawyers desecrating lawyers dress code, history as at today, will not be fair to him. His silence, is not golden. But he has time to redeem himself on this but will he or is he tired and can’t wait for August?

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