Every Lawyer Is A Worker-Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq.

Happy Workers Day to us all.
We, lawyers, are indispensable tool in the building of any nation.
As we join the rest of the world to celebrate Workers Day, let us remember what drove us into this noble profession and constantly do that which is good for ourself, humanity, our profession and the nation.
It is not good for the nation, when lawyers use their legal witchcraft and craftiness to aid looters of the nation to escape Justice. The era of using technicalities to aid looters to escape is gone and should not be reincarnated in whatever guise.
Finally, let us get involved in NBA activities, especially at our local Branch level. Our strength is in our solidarity as members of NBA.

Comrade Chè Oyinatumba (Felix C Ashimole, Esq.)

New wigs, green horns, should  actively take up bar activism for in friction we advance and constantly amend our Bye Law, get NBA officers to take care of our welfare.

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