Felix Chukwuma Ashimole Says; ya rikwara Owerre NBA Mma

After my NYSC stint at NBA Port Harcourt, I relocated home. My home is Azaraegbelu Emekuku, Owerri-North of Imo State.

With Chief KK in 2018 perusing draft of his biography.

Full of energy and hungry to break barriers, I started my practice in the firm of Chief K.K.K Ogba, Anyanwu of Abriba, the cock of Owerri Bar before he transited to become one of the ancestors of the the warriors-Abriba. Chief KK, my Oga, was the last Attorney General of East Central States and I learnt much more than law, classical music, good food and yes, how to legally flirt. Chief was a dandy until his last day on earth.

After working with Chief, I moved to work with B.C.Nzimakor. De Bethel is an uncle and a core politician. Under his pupilage, I started biting deep into the fabrics of Owerri Zone’s politics. I still remember our humble office at Item street.

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq co-publisher of Kubwaexpress, believes in a true digitalized NBA.

Another member of this great Bar worthy of mention, is Augustine Otuekere. I met him in Law School and a prodigal son-caring father’s relationship grew. He wanted me to stay put in Owerri and prosper with him(he became all becomeable in and around Government House), but I am like a ballon, I am of no use, except floating in the air to give joy to others.

So today, I have floated home. Last time I was here, was to join the Bar in organizing and marching to Government House to ask that the murder of Magistrate Remmy Ogu, be properly investigated. It yielded results as arrests were made and prosecution carried out.

Today I am here not to ask for you to return the favor but for you to know that your son, wants to float inside NBA Secretariat, Abuja, radiating the ancient golden, hardworking, caring, hospitable attributes ndi Imo are known for. We are colorful people, our voices through our Bongo are heard loud and clear all over the universe.

I want to offer same to NBA, to amplify activities of the Bar, so that all Branches, will be digitalized and keyed into NBA website, so as to be abreast with activities of the National as well as that of other branches.

Against the above, I had collected, duly submitted a sealed form in an envelope, addressed to ECNBA, praying that I be cleared to contest and serve you, my home Branch, in the capacity of Publicity Secretary.

Until the hunting day, we will hunt in Owerre nchi ise.

I have demonstrated proven trackable activities in the Bar. I am co-publisher, editor of www.kubwaexpress.com, a hybrid magazine with bias for lawyers, law and legal issues. Kindly take a tour of our website and see what I had done, what I am doing and decipher if I cannot do more, if given your motherly support.
ka ọ dịrị unu mma.

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