AEDC Unapologetic Explains Darkness In Kubwa

For about four days and still counting, Kubwa has been enveloped by darkness due to failure by Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) to distribute light to homes and business outfits in Kubwa.

Business owners in Kubwa, especially hotel and entertainment centers bemoaned this development. They cry out that if this darkness persists, they may be forced to increase cost of their services or they may not break even at the end of the month.

Ms. Jima, manager of NINA hotel said they are trying their best to run their generators round the clock in order to satisfy their customers but the lingering scarcity of fuel in FCT since the past one month,

Well furnished NINA hotel room

is weighing heavily on her cost of running NINA. She appealed to AEDC to quickly restore whatever is responsible for this darkness.

The SMS devoid of apology but shifting the blame to inability of supply from the National Grid, reads;

Dear Customer, please note that the interruptions of electricity supply you are currently experiencing is due to the instability of supply from the National Grid due to low Generation. We appeal to you to be patient as all stakeholders are working hard to restore system stability. For enquiries, call 08039070070”

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