Kubwa Night Market

Official, government operated markets in Kubwa, close their gates by 6:30 pm. The closing of gate does not stop commercial activities in Kubwa.

A night market springs up immediately around the perimeters of Maitama ultra modern market up to Byazhin junction, Dogondaji street, with traders using rechargeable lanterns to illuminate their wares.

You can get almost everything obtainable in morning market at this night market.

Some of the trades we spoke to, said they took to night market because they cannot afford to pay for shop in the market, so they come out at night, when task force will not disturb them.

Another trader said that necessity made them to come out at night. That there are residents who come back late from work late and need one or two condiments to help them rump up night food for their family.

A customer said she is comfortable buying at night than in the morning. She further said she gets good bargains and the vegetables are fresh, not dried by the scorching afternoon sun.

Suya spots are another fixed feature of this night market life in Kubwa.

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