Manage Your Stress; Don’t Burn Out

You should find what works for you and de-stress yourself. Life is toxic and daily hustle is meant to stress us out and shorten our lives. Since nobody will get out of this earth alive, why rush to leave?

NINA hotel, Phase iv Kubwa, 24 hrs power supply, AC at below 16*

I manage stress by dressing well, pretend to be a big man, go to where big men go to and once they bring their menu, I laugh at my poverty and zoom off. I had once gone to Coscharis motors Abuja, to price tear rubber Range Rover!

Bathing with scented gel. It caresses my not only my body but my nerves and soul get soaked and refreshed.

Alone in a room, temperature at below 16, totally naked under the duvet, with Kenny Rogers or Don Williams playing softly at the back ground.

Playing in the dust with children. Not play ground, but original African children’s play without any care in the world. I forget adulthood and its pressure and be a child again.

This weekend, I am going to manage my stress level, I don de get signs that my body may shutdown, if I don’t relax this weekend. Body no be firewood, even firewood de burn out!

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