Kubwa Express Special Edition January-March 2024

Kubwa, the largest satellite town in Abuja, where natives were resettled, a once crime free community, is now ravaged by and kidnapping bandit attacks.
For the past few years, Kubwa residents have been living in constant fear as many are at the hands of “unknown gunmen” who continue to kidnap residents in exchange for ransom while killing and injuring others. Residents are terrified that they will be the next victim.
Many people, particularly those living in estates off Arab road, have relocated into upper part of Kubwa, while those who escaped kidnapping, relocated to districts in AMAC.
According to Musa, a man who 
narrowly escaped being kidnapped, *We left on that day in June when the gunmen broke down my fence, banged my door and almost kidnapped us. Local vigilante intervened and since our miraculous escape, we have not returned to that area.”He further narrated that kidnappers kidnapped another resident on December 2, 2023.
“I don’t know how these kidnappers have been coming since 2020. I have lost count of the number of kidnapped people in that axis. And these guys keep coming; they keep invading this area.” “Everybody is just packing out of the house they built, out of the area they have always called home.”
There is no accurate statistics of those , kidnapped so far in Kubwa but a bird t view of news reports online reveals; in 2020, a naval officer’s wife was kidnapped. Continued on page 11.

NBA 2024: MEET THE GLADIATORS. According our investigations, the aspirants who are gunning to replace the incumbent are; Mazi Afam Osigwe, SAN, Life Bencher, former Chairman NBA Abuja (Unity Bar), Mr. Chukwuka Ikuazom, SAN, former Chairman NBA Lagos, current chairman NBA Security Agencies Relations Committee; Tobenna Erojikwe, Esq., Bencher, member National Judicial Service Commission and Mrs. Joyce Oduah, immediate past NBA General Secretary… Continues on page 2.
Gbagyi or Gbari (plural – Agbagyi) is the name and the language of Gbagyi/Gbari ethnic group who are predominantly found in Central Nigeria with a population of about 15million people.
Members of the ethnic group speak two dialects.St:While speakers of the dialects were loosely…Continues on page 9.

i. shall ensure adequate and prompt publicity of the activities of the Association:
ii. shall present a good and progressive image of the Association to the public.
iii. shall issue releases and statements on matters of general interest of the Association and the public after consultation with the President or the National Executive Council or the National Executive Committee.
iv. shall perform all other duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President or the National Executive Council or the National Executive Committee or the Annual General Meeting.

Moral Clarity In The Rivers Crisis By Dr. Sam Amadi.


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