AELN 2023 Dinner/Award Night Lights Up PH

Welcome address by the Chairlady, Dinner Committee, AELN.
On behalf of the President, Council members, and members of the Association of Environmental Lawyers of Nigeria, AELN (Association), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you all to the maiden dinner and award night of this profound Association.
This moment is a memorable day for members of this Association, particularly the National President, Professor S. C. Dike, who has from the incorporation of this Association shown an unprecedented passion and commitment to entrench, sustain, and improve on the objectives of this Association. We use this opportunity to thank you immensely our President for your tireless efforts to nurture this great Association to this height.

Felix Ashimole, Esq., co-publisher Kubwaexpress News, recipient of Member of Green Advocate of Nigeria (MGAN)

May we take a few seconds to imagine ourselves in a polluted environment and reflect on the consequences on our health and our survival, this is just to remind us of the importance of a green environment and a call to action for everyone to be a part of this Association.
We are hopeful that after today, each one of us will volunteer and make a commitment to protect, promote, preserve, and engage in practices that ensure a green environment.
The theme of the dinner and award night is “Environmental Law and Blue Economy: The Role of Lawyers”.
Environmental Law in its simplest meaning is the body of laws that regulate the protection of all living things and the preservation of the environment from harmful actions of human beings. Blue Economy is about the promotion of ethical use and conservation of the ocean and its resources in a way that allows for regeneration and restoration of the ecosystem.
It is clear from the simple definitions above that the role of lawyers in safeguarding the environment
(land and ocean) are: to act as advocates in courts, hold polluters accountable, demand blue economy policies, and advocate for stronger protections and strict enforcement of environmental laws. Today is not a day for long speeches but a day to relax, enjoy, and recognize our special environmental enforcers acting in different capacities .
The dinner committee has worked tirelessly to achieve this brilliant atmosphere, we are grateful to all the committee members. We have provided an evening of brief knowledge sharing with a debate competition, featuring a special dance interlude and then the awards.
Once again, I have the enviable duty to welcome you to this memorable dinner and award night. Welcome and thank you.Abiye Tam-George.
Vice President/ Chairlady Dinner Committee, AELN.

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