NHRC Vows To Protect Digital Rights Of Nigerians

The Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission(NHRC),  Chief Anthony Ojukwu has vowed that the commission will do everything to protect the digital rights of Nigerians.Ojukwu who spoke at a programme organised by SERAP in Lagos on Wednesday however noted that t the right must be used responsibly.
Ojukwu said, “Data issues and digital rights issues are things that concern every one of us and we must establish keen interest.
But there has been this constant urge on the part of even the government to seek restriction of the civic space and some of us in the human rights work have been fighting against this.

Every single bill that has been presented at the National Assembly wanting to restrict the civic space has been fought to a standstill by all of us here in the civil society.”

 “There’s no doubt that there is a need for responsibility in handling our digital rights issues. I urge every one of us to put in our best to make sure that our data and digital rights are protected but we should exercise our rights with responsibility.”
The programme was with the theme: “Restrictions on Data and Digital Rights in Nigeria.” The event also featured SERAP’s report launch and interactive session on “Promoting Citizens’ Access to Information, Data and Digital Rights in Nigeria.”

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