NBA Orlu Branch Holds October Meeting

I do not derive joy from staying behind my iPhone 14 Promax, or HP laptop, to wish any NBA Branch happy deliberations during their meeting of any statutory NBA program like Law Week, Seminar and symposium.   My joy is in making sacrifices to visit them in their jurisdiction. È get why.
One, you visit to see what are the peculiar challenges under which they are carrying out the mandate to Promote The Rule of Law and take care of welfare of members.
What is the state of the court? How conducive it is for lawyers to eke a living?
A good number of places I visited, need facelift, some need serious overhauling as they do not commandeer awe and pristine feeling that a judge sitting in such environment, can have the presence of mind to deliver justice.
Visiting branches, also offers one, the opportunity to travel, mingle with the locals and understand them in their habitat-this erases most stigmatization and biases one had, before visiting.
Nigerians all over Nigeria, are accommodating and nice to strangers, so long as you don’t stray but comport yourself within the established social order. Pay the agreed fee for whatever local cuisine you order whether as material for conference or just a drinking mate.
Even when you stray and properly identified as JJC, they will forgive. I have strayed a lot and have received reprimands with love.
After these reprimands, we bonded tighter and I become co-opted citizen of such town and teach others, the dos and don’t of the town.
Today Saturday 28th, is no exception. I am visiting NBA Orlu. Orlu is not a town new to me. As a boy, it was the stop over town on my way to my secondary school at Ideato, that is, if I did not follow the Owerri-Mbano-Isieke na esi-Osina-Akaokwa road.

But as a lawyer, this is my first visit to NBA Orlu. Their Bar Centre located inside the High Court premises, is named after Sir (Barr) Paul Chukwuma Obi, has neared 83% completion and I am reliably informed that this year’s annual dinner, will take place in the Bar Centre.

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