How To Move From Consumption To Production

Seriously If We Want To Move From Consumption To Production, we must look into how and not merely quoting Chinese statistics.
China did not grow by quoting USSR’s statistics but looked inward, locked themselves from the world and created healthy competition among the component parts of the Chinese nation.
Each providence was encouraged to maximize its potentials and contribute to the national food growth.
The people were rallied round the Great China project and on the divisive line of tribe, religion and tongues.
Chinese rice was once laughed (people preferred Thailand and Indonesia) at but today, we are quoting Chinese economic growth.
Nigerian politicians, should start building Nigeria and not only remember Nigeria, a year to the General Election.
The Nigerian electorate should extract commitment from Nigerian politicians, that they are committed to indivisible Nigeria, no matter how any Election result turns out; that they will get their teaming supporters, to support whosoever wins, to build a production minded nation where “Truth, Justice & Peace Shall reign.”

Yes, corn and cassava if farmed on an industrial scale, will be a source revenue to Nigeria and the states that would take it up as state policy.
Cocoa was once the pride of South West and drove the economy of then Western Region.  Cowhide, cotton, etc was the pride of the North. The South East had its palm oil, timber and other farm produce as the main driving stimulus of their economy.
So how do we in concrete terms, move from being a consumer nation to a producing nation? What do we want to master in?


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