As we mark the 6th Year Anniversary of the exit ofImmortal Companero Commandante SocialismoFidel Castro Ruz “Alejandro “ today; several things come to me. How do you comemorate the Anniversary of a Fidel who is a complete embodiment of Humanity and irreproachable sacrifices and who consistently opposed till his exit, from our midst, from being celebrated as a personality cult?

How do we comemorate Socialismo RevolutionaryFidel, who with all his invaluable and lasting contributions in ideas, in sacrifices, in revolutionary practice, in inspiring examples, in foresight, etc., to the struggle, triumph, defense, and advancement of the  Cuban Revolution and the Socialist transformation of society, but rejected the naming of buildings or streets in his name, and by extension, to all serving public figures in their lifetime?

How do we commemorate the InternationalistFidel, who at the age of 21 in 1947 became the Left Wing leader of the Cuba Orthodox Party, and at same time, started his continuing internationalist struggle against imperialism by enlisting as a Volunteer on an armed struggle against the Trujillo dictatorship in Dominican Republic in Latin America?

How do we commemorate a Fidel who before he collaborated with other revolutionary disciples of the July 26 Movement to start the armed struggle in Cuba on July 26, 1953 against the Batista dictatorship, had traveled to Colombia at the age of 22 in 1948 to join other revolutionary youth to initiate a Latin-American anti-imperialist students’ movement, and also participated in a Popular Uprising there?

How do we commemorate the Immortal Fidel who survived more than 600 US-CIA assassination plots, and has continued to live, despite US imperialist prediction in 2006 when Fidel suffered a ‘fit’ at a public event, that Fidel would die in two weeks?

How do we commemorate a Fidel who in the collective leadership of the Cuban revolution has been decisive to the Cuban revolution internationalist liberation struggles and victories in Algeria, Congo, Chile, Nicaragua, Ethiopia, Guinea-Bissau, Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc?

How do we commemorate the Immortal Fidel, who legendary and heroic Haydee Santamaria said this about him: “… because there is Fidel, the Fidel we know, the Fidel we trust, the Fidel that is always there for us, how could anyone betray Fidel, the Fidel that cannot be killed“?

How do we commemorate Commandante Fidel, who in his own living words (quoted in my Facebook wall with him and Malcolm X memorable picture), said: “What difference does it makes the Danger to a person or a people or the sacrifices they make when what is at stake is the destiny of Humanity”?

How do we commemorate the Marxist-Leninist Dialectician Fidel who Legendary internationalist Ernesto CHE described in his 1965 letter to Fidel thus: “… recalling my past life, I believed I have worked with sufficient honesty and dedication to consolidate the revolutionary triumph. My only serious failing was not having had more confidence in you from the first moments in the Sierra Maestra, and not having understood quickly enough your qualities as a leader and as a revolutionary.
I have lived magnificent days, and at your side I felt the pride of belonging to our people in the brilliant yet sad days of the Caribbean crisis.
Seldom has a statesman be more brilliant than you in those days. I am also proud of having followed you without hesitation, identified with your way of thinking and of seeing and appraising dangers and principles

How do we commemorate the Global Pan-Africanist Fidel who said of the Cuban internationalist mission in Africa that:” Those who once enslaved Man and sent him to the Americas never imagined that one of those peoples who received the slaves would one day send their fighters to struggle for freedom in Africa“?

How do we commemorate the forever living Fidel, who following the Obama’s visit to Cuba, wrote on 27th March 2016 that: “… Obama made a speech in which he uses the most sweetened words to express: “It is time, now, to forget the past, leave the past behind, let us look to the future together, a future of hope.
And it won’t be easy, there will be challenges and we must give it time; but my stay here gives me more hope in what we can do together as friends, as
family, as neighbors, together. I suppose all of us were at risk of a heart attack upon hearing these words from the President of the United States.
After a ruthless blockade that has lasted almost 60 years, and what about those who have died in the mercenary attacks on Cuban ships and ports, an airliner full of passengers blown up in midair, mercenary invasions, multiple acts of violence and coercion?
Nobody should be under the illusion that the people of this dignified and selfless country will renounce the glory, the rights, or the spiritual wealth they have gained with the development of education, science and culture.
I also warn that we are capable of producing the food and material riches we need with the efforts and intelligence of our people. We do not need the empire to give us anything. Our efforts will be legal and peaceful, as this is our commitment to peace and fraternity among all human beings who live on this planet

The Immortal Fidel’s Heritage lies in his unparalleled and irreplaceable revolutionary works, courageous and fearless leadership, and love for Humanity, hence:

To remember Fidel today is to deepen the ideas of Socialism in theory and concrete practice towards the overthrown of Capitalist neo-liberalism system in our various countries in order to bring about a world socialist order.
To commemorate the Immortal Fidel is for the unity of the working people and oppressed classes all over the world for international solidarity and strengthening of the struggle against imperialism in every country.
To commemorate the Immortal Fidel is to properly LEARN the Lessons of the Immortal Fidel and the Living examples of the Cuban Revolution.

SIX (6) Post-Humus).




© Comrade Abiodun Aremu
Coordinator Nigeria Movement of Solidarity with Cuba

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