Fidel Castro; 6 Years After And Absence Of Activism In Universities

Yesterday at University of Abuja to honor Commandantè Fidel.

Well attended.
It was clear that the students we met, are not as conscious as we were, when we were there age in the same University (1990-ish)
The fault is collectively ours. We got sucked in by NGOism and abandoned building cells in Universities.

Charismatic Pentecostal wave also dealt us a blow. All Churches have campus fellowship and baby GO and Mummy GO, have taken over the role of students union activists.

Finally, the government makes sure that NANS or any other student driven pressure groups are not allowed to exist on campus, instead they close one eye and all cult groups to exist and terrorize anybody who dares to mobilize to confront the state.

But we will not give up; we will keep on sowing seed of words and some must germinate!

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