Oga Sabinus Performs Live In Kubwa

Kubwa residents will this night, be treated to unlimited rib cracking jokes, fun and quality alcohol as ace comedian, Oga Sabinu joins MC BOB at Pattaya Golden Suite & Event Center, Kubwa.

Gate fee ranges from as low as N5,000 regular to N1,000,000.


According to MC BOB, the show is tagged Home Sweet Home, because Kubwa was the home from where he started hustling before he broke even and he is home sick and wants to give back to the people of Kubwa and show them that their home boy don blow.

Oga Sabinus

Oga Sabinus born as Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Ejekwu, is also known as Mr. Funny is a renowned comedian and one of the most highest paid skit makers in Nigeria.

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