Voter Apathy Feared As NBA Owerri Decides

According to the list of eligible voters released by ECNBA, NBA Owerri, has about 1298 eligible voters. Impressive number.

But the voters list released by NBA Owerri Electoral Committee, shows that only 315 members are eligible to vote in the June 25th Election.


This is a serious issue as it shows that the chairman and executive that will emerge, do not have the endorsement of majority of members but members who made the voters list by virtue of the Bye Law, which requires that for you to be eligible to vote, you must have attended 5 branch meetings within a year preceding the election.

Politically, this low “turnout of voters”, shows that lawyers are not interested in NBA activities, especially their local Bar issues.

Whosoever wins between YC Maikyau, JK Gadzama and Jonathan Taidi, should workout how to get lawyers interested in NBA affairs, especially in their local Bars.

We at Kubwaexpress, will be on ground in Owerri, to give you blow by blow account of how the election is going down.
Will all on that list come out to vote or will the total number of vote be more than the number on the list like the miracle that occurred at 9th June heist in NBA Abuja(Unity Bar)?

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