Rest In Peace; Arthur Francis Nzeribe Pan Africanist We Lost?

I first met him in 1983. My mother and late Chief È.C,Eluchie, were leaders in NPP and I was supporting PRP, don’t ask me if I knew what PRP was back then.

I still remember one NPP party man from Orogwe, always calling me Aminu Kano.

So every morning before 7 am News on Imo Broadcast Service (IBS), his campaign jingle will sound, “I am Chief Arthur Francis Nzeribe, you people asked me to come out, I have come out to contest as a Senator representing…” rendition of this in Igbo, is lovely. Then the theme song; Arthur Nzeribe na peoples choice..for change in 83, vote for the peoples choice.”
His infamous role in the annulment of June 12, was not against Democracy, but it  was to get back at MKO Abiola, who has used his influence with the Army looters, to disqualify old politicians, making way for new breed, of which MKO was the undisputed heavyweight. If not for that, Shehu Yar’Adua, Arthur Nzeribe’s brother in law, was coasting home to emerge as Nigeria’s president.
According to Wikipedia, “Through the Ghana Commission, he met Kwame Nkrumah of Ghanaand started to work for him in public relations. Nkrumah also introduced him to other African leaders. In 1966, when the National Liberation Council (NLC) overthrew Nkrumah, Nzeribe and Jeafan briefly lost influence in Ghana but the NLC leadership soon turned to Jeafan to help improve the public image of their administration. Nzeribe developed a working relationship with Joseph Arthur Ankrah, head of the liberation council, but when Ankrah left office in April 1969, Nzeribe lost influence in Ghana.“

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