Peeping Into 2020 NBA Election To Predict 2022; the wining statistics

While waiting for ECNBA to clear candidates and blow the whistle for the race to start.

Sorry, the race had started since, some started as early as at AGC in Port Harcourt, while those Aspirants that their posts are zoned, started two years ago.
Some have used NBA platforms to tour round Nigeria, campaigning in the name of doing their committee work.
I only pity those of us, who are not a member of any NBA Committee.

Since I cannot be mentally idle, my restless soul after a lonely night in Ikeja and 6 cups of coffee, have gone overdrive, figures are jumping around my head.

What is the magic number either YC, JK or JG will need to emerge the next NBA President?

In 2020, the incumbent, Olumide Anthony Akpata, Esq, used about 5,000 votes to dust his closest challenger, Babatunde Ajibade SAN, who scored 4,328 votes and Dele Adesina SAN netted in 3,982 votes to come third behind Akpata’s 9,891 votes.

According to Tawo Eja Taw SAN, the chairman ECNBA, there were 29,636 registered voters but only 18,256 persons cast their ballots.

For either YC, JK or JG to win, he must net in minimum, 11,000 votes. This is against the backdrop that two years had past since Akpata’s election and new Sets have been called to Bar, swelling the rank of voters.

The winner, will be he, who is able to mobilize the young digital new wigs.

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq co-publisher of Kubwaexpress, believes in a true digitalized NBA.


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