Unity Bar 2022 Beyond Traditional Costumes

Although NBA Abuja, has not lifted ban on campaign, all the war broncos are known. And like PDP/APC politicians, they are wearing clothings of the 3major ethic groups, looking like circus clowns, entertaining bored audience.

Y.C.Maikyau, SAN, a dependable friend of kubwaexpress.com

When did NBA electioneering degenerate like this? Nobody is hearing the aspirants but carried away by the noise of their photogenic postures. We want  to read ideas and not just goodwill messages or greeting us on religious holidays. We want quotable quotes (apologies to Chuba Okadigbo-Oyi of Oyi), things that will show us how your minds work.

Chairmanship of Unity 2022, is zoned to the South East and by arm-wrestled tactics, other tribes in South East are not vying. It is strictly an igbo affair, so why these change of wardrobe and heavy makeup, plus hot brush to look handsome in pictures?

Can we hear them? What do they have to offer beyond hangout and giving alms to their supporters?

When I was active member of Unity Bar, my passion was to see that Unity Bar had a Bar Centre. I advocated for this and kept at it until Unity Bar acquired a piece of land under the leadership of Desmond Yamah.

Under their leadership, a land was acquired for proposed building of Unity Bar Centre

with Afam Okeke as his Secretary. They worked hard to commence earth breaking but since I left for NBA Bwari, I don’t know what has become of that project.

Among these 4 who blew trumpets that they had collected nomination forms to contest as Chairman, who has capacity to continue and complete where Afam/Yamah team stopped? Has there been improvements after that? If yes, who has capacity, contacts and influence to get relevant stakeholders to come to the aid of Unity Bar and birth a Bar Centre within 2years?

These should among other welfare issues, be what Unity Bar members should be concerned with and not who bought beer or who paid for their BPF.

Unity Bar has men of timber and caliber, iroko that shading N2,000,000 each towards the building of N100,000 worth of Bar Centre, won’t shake them but the question is, who among these candidates, can command enough confidence, to get these irokos to allow Unity Bar to perch on their branches?

Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, Esq co-publisher of Kubwaexpress, believes in a true digitalized NBA.


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