Kayode Belo’s Impotent Petition; My FINAL Take

I know for a fact that YC Maikyau, SAN is not a quota SAN or did he get the Silk because of political party affiliations. He is worth every thread of Silk in that envious robe of Senior Advocate of Nigeria. I used to dream of wearing same but I know some SAN I will never dream of being like oh!

You see those ones that “chop” clients money and don’t remit their colleagues shares, even when their colleague is dead and they refuse to visit his wife with envelope, they should avoid me.

Since it is not our tradition to insult elders, I will wear basket and beat about the bush.

But the bush I will not beat about, is the bush called Kayode Belo, a non-lawyer, who threw dust in the wind. I knew him in 2017, when no lawyer wanted to take up his case against Nigerian Law School. The lawyer he had, washed off his hands and someone recommended me. I insisted that he write his lawyer, properly debrief him, so that I can takeover. He refused and wanted me to jump into the matter. I called the lawyer and explained myself. The lawyer had no issues with it and said in complimentary things about him.

I took up the process already filed and proposed we make amendments but Kayode, a law school expelled student wanted to dictate to me how to do my job. In 2017, I was already 15yrs Post Call then.  I put him in his place and he debriefed me in a celebrated manner. He called me and I identified where I was-Maitama High Court Complex, he came and between the Court and NYSC HQ, he took the process and that was the last I saw him until my attention was drawn to a Facebook post, where he accused me of soliciting money in his name, making money off his self inflected plight.

I replied him, dared him to mention who gave me money for him. The coward blocked me on Facebook.

Truth is at the time I met him in 2017, he was a destitute, frustrated and incoherent. I offered him comfort and help. Even volunteered my guest room but he turned it down but ate my food, took transport fare from me.

Kubwaexpress 2017 advocacy campaign for Kayode Belo. Neither he nor any anybody paid a fart for all that we did for him.

I told him, to fight an elephant like Law School, you must shout loudly and since you don’t have capacity, can your friends help you? His friends abandoned him like diarrhea only kubwaexpress and Sharareporters showed interest in him and started advocacy for him.

So I was heart broken when the ingrate said I was making money off him.

An excerpt of the impotent petition

But when I saw the petition published by City Magazine, my first response was to call on all candidates to be civil and let us have a civilized election but on deeper reading of the petition and saw that it was written by Kayode Belo a non-lawyer. I had to dig deep into the archives of my memory that had not been eroded by beer and other pleasures of the flesh. Lo and behold it is the same Kayode Belo.

I am writing this to close the curtain and ask lawyers to disregard that leprous petition, we know the hands behind it but be rest assured, it is a kick of a dying horse.

YC Maikyau, SAN is on the move, such impotent attacks are expected. But like a Rottweiler not bothered by the barking of a mongrel, I urge him and his team to stay focused, continue the evangelism and widen the already expanding gulf between him and other pretenders to the throne.

Lawyers should disregard this as it is call to blackmail YC and force him into the gutter with them. Furthermore there is a sinister plot to pitch YC and JK, so that the headline will read, Two SANs Fight Dirty Over NBA Election. I hate to tell you who will benefit but is NBA ready to do back to back non-SAN presidency?

Use your tongue to count your teeth.

YC, when they aim low like they have done today, smile and stand tall, walk straight and keep walking to NBA Secretariat’s holy flow!

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