Unity Bar April Meeting; Consultation With Maikyau, SAN

Today is Unity Bar’s April meeting. Don’t ask me which faction but know that, Desmond Yamah, Afam Osigwe, SAN, YC Maikyau, SAN and JK Gadzama, SAN, were all in attendance.

So in order of height, I chose to consult with YC first.

The retinue of “staff” around him were trying to monopolize and dictate how he mingles in the crowd.

The man no send them and moved in any direction that he was drawn by those wanting to snap with him.
So I reached him and told him that I want to serve NBA at the national level.

Someone close, who over heard us, a busybody, told me that it is a tall order, that others had started since over a year ago.

Trust me nah. I fired back that NBA has not lifted ban on campaign and anybody who has abandoned his practice and been moving around branches, donating money to branch’s law week and paying dues for colleagues is part of that make NBA election expensive, running into 100s of million.

Well, as a law abiding NBA member, I shall not give gifts, host you in any garden or pay your dues(March 31st is over self) but I shall share ideas of how to use the machinery of NBA to make sure that members at all levels feel NBA.

We must find solution to this rising cost of running for office in NBA.

So with this distraction from busybodies, who told me that I am wasting my time, I stood on my toes and whispered into his ears, “Oga, I will see you in the office next week.” Don’t mind these ones, they need to go rewatch Algeria Vs Cameroon and what happened at the 120 minutes plus. Overtaking is allowed and it is not over, until the final whistle.

Colleagues should stop this idea of technically beating the gun and claim they are creating awareness, almost a year before NBA election. For crying out loud, we are not mainstream politicians but professionals seeking to serve our association. We have to conduct ourselves better.

The April meeting of NBA Abuja was hosted by YC Maikyau, SAN. Lawyers had excess to eat. According to him, all that was used to prepare the dinner, were harvested from his farm, including a cow he presented to the branch and it was converted to berbaque. Ram was also murdered to feed lawyers while Rice And Stew Very Plenty (RSVP), everywhere.

As a proper bar man hosting his colleagues, water of the gods of different colors, texture and taste were in abundance that I nearly thought I was witnessing the second miracle of Galilee.

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