Kubwaexpress Man Of The Week

Selecting who to honor as Kubwaexpress Man of The Week, has never been difficult for you. We just bend back and a name will seamlessly emerged and the 5 of us will agree without any debate.

The choice this week, is a hard one. It had us agreeing on the 3 of them but how can 3 men be  Man of the week and not men of the week?

After much debate, we agreed to introduce to you;

Danny Happyhour aka this..aka that… for a quiet mischievous man, he has a lot of cheerful names. Ajisola, is quiet and steady, a compassionate believer in the Nigerian project. He has been an unwavering pillar of support to kubwaexpress and have stood by us. He needs not to be told to support any project we embark on. He jumps in and provide both material, intellectual and emotional support.

He is currently involved in mobilizing Nigerians in Diaspora, to participate in 2023 General Election. As a Great LASUITE, he has soft spot for the visitor to LASU when he was a student.

Danny Happyhour, goes by many names as a jolly good fellow he is. He is a lover of life, passionate humanist and a rooted family man.
Sir, we are happy to associate with you.

Abiodun Ajide, he studied at ABU in the now terrorists infested Kaduna state. He is patriotic, advocate of good governance and firm believer in holding government to account.
Ever since Kubwaexpress bumped into him, it has been a smooth ride. He is witty, unassuming, a husband of one wife. His compassionate generosity is infectious.

                                Moses Harrison

Nothing to say about him other than, he is as loyal as postage stamp. He will never leave you in the midst of anything.
He is impulsively good, doesn’t think twice to commit himself to any project that has kubwaexpress attached to it.

We took time to shrink words on these men because they are shy, prefer to speak with actions rather than being spoken of. They have consistently give to others, people whom they do not know but united in their plight because they share in the same humanity.

We at kubwaexpress, are humbled by the humility of these 3 outstanding men; men whose silent gifts sound thunderous.

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