Adultery; Igbo Culture of Stripping Women Naked And Paraded In Market Square

On the naked woman accused of adultery and by extension, responsible for her husband’s death, I make bold to say, she saw it coming.

It is purely the culture of her husband’s people.
I am aware that this is still obtainable in Orul/Anambra axis of South East.
Once a new bride comes in, the women of this community indoctrinate her into the taboos of their land.
The men are happy that it is only them that will chop her beaded fruit but where she is careless or carried away by emotion and allows another to sample her, she must confess, appease her husband and the gods.
If she fails to do so, she will run mad. If her husband knows and condone her, eat her food(both cooked and down below), without her appeasing the gods, the husband will die.
So the news that just broke and we are all up in arms condemning it because we are Westernized, is waste of time.
You cannot fight colonial mentality and still refuse to accept the barbaric nature of pre-colonial African culture. You cannot pick which aspect of a peoples culture you want to reverence and which one to condemn. Culture is the TOTAL WAY of life of a people.
The solution is not bashing the people on social media but engaging the leaders of this community to appease their gods and find how to prevent promiscuity among married women without death being the consequence of infidelity. I doubt if educated male leadership cadre of these communities will be willing to change this old rules of matrimonial control of their wives.
Secondly, if you are a woman with propensity to adultery or insatiable with only one partner or cannot be disciplined by one rod, don’t marry into such communities. Do your due diligence search, ask questions before you jump into I do.
—-Bishop of The Sinners Assembly.
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