Economics Of The Birth Of A New Nigeria

Nigerians across class and tribe, are in different levels of agreement that Nigeria needs a rebirth. Some have ideas of what the baby will look like. Some have even done naming ceremony for this new Nigeria.
But a critical question most have failed to provide an answer to, is who will pay for the prenatal, labour and postnatal bills of birthing a new Nigeria?

With the daily dwindling earning capacity of Nigerians, with the poor getting poorer, it is obvious that the Nigerian poor, cannot fund or sponsor the rebirth of Nigeria. This is further compounded with the absence of a middle class. We only have the poor and the rich in Nigeria.

All those who have defined the new Nigeria, should tell us how to fund the journey. The hungry poor, who often demands for “mobilization” before attending rallies, though desirous of change, does not have anything but his blood and sweat to contribute. Laudable as this sacrifice is and needed, it is not enough to accelerate the birth process.

With all these bugging my mind, I went into seeking how the Russian, Chinese and Cuban revolutions were funded. I also sort how the pre-Independence nationalist movements in Africa were funded. Would there have been Karl Marx without Friedrich Engels?

Without providing you with answers of my seeking, (the answer is scary), I make bold to tell you, there must be a synergy between the poor and a member of the rich class, who is willing to commit class suicide in other to assist the birth of a new Nigeria.

No matter the big, bold and beautiful dreams of a new Nigeria, the poor cannot birth it. The poor may be desirous of eating the rich and rightly so but they lack the resources to buy the condiments, spices and firewood required to cook the rich. The rich on the other hand, not only understands the psychology of the poor, but has what it takes to keep the poor distracted, given a slave ration, so that they will merely exist to keep producing and empowering them. Clearly this is seen during elections.

Ahead of every election, the poor laments about the need to get it right, change our looting politicians but on the Election Day, they sell their birthright for as low as N500 (Five Hundred Naira) No matter the big picture we paint of a new Nigeria flowing with milk and honey, the poor will not walk into it with an empty stomach. All prophets of a new Nigeria, should find out how to treat the hunger worms eating up the poor and making it difficult for them to allow their thumbs to print according to dictates of their brains and not the pangs in their stomach.

The EDD of Nigeria is near, the doctors are ready but who will pay for the CS?

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