Kubwa Amazon Of The Day; Ezinne Esther Ashimole.

To have lived with me for 40yrs plus without having BP or stroke, my 81 years mother, deserves a standing ovation. Apart from managing me, she excelled in all she laid her hands on.

With little formal education, she was orphaned at very young age, she rose to Senior matron at Owerri General Hospital. She started her career as a theatre nurse and rose through the ranks. Daily she mentally improves herself and can hold conversation on any topic under the sun.

She meritoriously resigned and went into private practice. At her peak, she had 4 hospitals and maternity located at, Irete, Amakohia, Umuoma, and Oforola. She made up for her limited education by making sure that her six children were all educated to the limit of their abilities and the minimum being first degree.

De Esther as she is fondly called by the younger ones or nwanyi eze after Queen Esther in the Bible, is a hardworking woman and eccentric. She is a fashionista and the live of any gathering. Her wisdom is sought by all. She gave her all to make sure her children and her dependent relatives lacked nothing. She was Ezinne before the churches started dashing the title. My mother constantly had one or two motherless baby under her wings. She once picked up an abandoned child at a dumpster along Owerri-Onitsha road.

She doesn’t joke with daily prayers for all her children.

She is a lay reader in the Anglican Church but started her religious life with Jehovah Witness until their leader embezzled their funds and she followed her elder brother, Chief E.C.Eluchie, Oji nmadu nke ise, to Anglican Church. Though a faithful member of the Church, she still studies Awake and Watch Tower.

Despite her Inclinations to Jewish religion, she has reverence for African traditions. She is a dormant member of the Owu cult in Amakohia,  a title holder-Ogbuhuru Uzo (Clearer of road) of Amakohia.

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