Abuja Party Leftovers Enough To Feed IDP Children

After every sucksexful party, my mind and camera, unconsciously go to leftovers.

At their sight, a lot emotions run riot in me. You will see some healthy leftovers-they only took the meat and didn’t touch any other thing or they took only a piece of chicken and left the beef untouched, the wrap of swallow undisvigined.

Apart from food, you will also see half drank bottle of beer of all kinds, bottled water are left at quarter of its original volume, juice cartons are squeezed like undersized bra hugging a breast and quickly discarded like used condom, only to spill all over the table, abandoned.

The leftovers of an Abuja middle class party, are enough to host fresh party in Kogi and would definitely feed children in IDP camp for 3 days.

Why are there leftovers at every party? Why I lament, I was told that according to the dog and other scavengers, no party is a party, if there are no leftovers. While pondering this, my mind drifts to the Bible.

Jesus after feeding 5000 men, there were 12 baskets left. The scripture, did not tell us of what became of the leftovers. Mathew chp 14: vs 13 – 21. I am still troubled about this lack of explanation by the Bible and many commentators on the Bible.

According to random sampling of opinion, these are the reasons why there are leftovers.

  1. Some people had already eaten before coming to a party. Out of politeness and respect for the host, they ask for something small. But the hired caterer, trying to justify her pay, overloads the plate.
  2. To get back at the host. Some people deliberately order what they cannot finish. If it is a buffet, they greedily pick everything on the table, with the intent of not finishing them, just to dent the pocket of the host. These people believe that the host has money, “let us chop his money.”
  3. Hoarding of food by relations, friends of the host and ushers also contribute to heaps of leftover at the end of any party.
  4. Some guests measure the success of their party by the quantity of leftover left at the end of the party.

To curb these, guest should know that it is not rude to reject food offered to you, when you know that you don’t have space to squeeze it in.

It is not a shame to ask that your food be packed as takeaway for you. But please, if you make this request, don’t ask for food again, except if the host had made provisions for extra.

Finally, hosts should limit choices of food at their parties. You are not running a mama-put, know your guests and provide food your guests are use to.

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