Kubwa Holy Grounds; Eckankar Centre

Kubwa is blessed with lots of Holy Grounds, where the faithful intercede for Kubwa, while making penance to atone for their sins, with faith that God will forgive them and make them prosper while living in Kubwa.
Today, we drove to Eckankar.
Eckankar Centre Kubwa is located at the base of the train bridge at Dandata estate gate on Arab road.
It is accessible through Chikakore Junction after Godfather’s place.
There are many Pentecostal churches on your way to this center but their immediate neighbor, is Living grace chapel(Creative Faith Int’l gospel Centre)
Service of Light and Sound, starts by 8am with 30 minutes chant of Hu.
Hu is a “love song to God” in a long, drawn-out breath and is sung for about half an hour. ECKists use it to summon the light or sound of their creator before any meeting. It could be liken to the Holy Spirit in Christianity.
Eckankar is a distinct religion and not a denomination of Christianity.
ECkists believe that there are many roads to connect to the Divine Creator, just as there are many branches to a tree.
Today’s Light and Sound Service was focused on Creativity, key to the spiritual survival In Our Time.
According to the moderator, creativity, is your ability to think, imagine something and make it happen. You have to keep your vision in your sight. Stay focused and no matter the setback, there is always a silver lining.
The Light and Sound Service, ended with a
Spiritual exercise, for 10 minutes. We were told to close our eyes and focus on the point between the eye brows and think of any event that made us happy or what we want to achieve and breath out Hu
After this, was Contemplation. During this exercise, you are to keep quiet and wait. You may see the light or sound.

Sir Harold Klemp
The Mahanta, the Live Eck Master

ECkists believe that a dead mother cannot breastfeed a living child, hence they do not pay too much attention to dead masters but the teachings and guidance of a living master, whom God had manifested in to guide others to God. Sir Harold Klemp, is The Mahanta, the living Eck Master.

ECkists do not believe or read the Bible as a spiritual guide book but their main scripture is Shariyat-Ki-Sugmad(Way of the Eternal)
They also believe in dreams and encourage members to keep a dream journal, to help them map their spiritual growth.
Eckankar Centre Kubwa, is a lovely place, you can feel the positive energy radiating. They are welcoming and will make you feel at home.
They observe COVID-19 protocol with hand sanitizer generously squeezed into your palm.
They also have a rich library for those not afraid to explore spiritual things.
Where Christians believe in Confess it and you will get it, ECkists believe in working out what they need by being creative as they are one with God and as God is a creator, so are they.
If you are not faint hearted, a spiritual adventurist and willing to know how to tap into your creativity to birth a new socio-economic path for yourself, I will strongly recommend that you worship or attend one of their programs.


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