Worrisome Images of Wuse Magistrate Court, Wuse Zone 2.

Court starts sitting by 9:00 aforenoon, as lawyers with Latin hangover will say.
But here we are at 8:52, the Courts are dirty, dusty and no staff.
From the entrance, you will notice that there is no Nigerian flag. Is it that they have no regards for our national symbols?
There is no crest coat of arm in any of the courts we visited.
If image tells a lot, the images we are seeing, doesn’t give one any hope in ability of this temple to dispense justice to justice starved and oppressed Nigeria.
This court complex is notorious for racketeering, particularly extorting litigants and others who want to do affidavit.
The private security men at the gate, are more interested in selling face masks, touting than providing security.

We had to shout unlawyerly before a cleaner was brought to start cleaning at about 9:01, meanwhile the Registrar, Bailliff and other condiments of the court, is yet to arrive.


Kubwa Express Justice Sector Watch

JSW is a Kubwa Express News led initiative with the mission to hold the judiciary to account, promote transparency and spotlight corruption in all its’ forms in the Nigerian judiciary. JSW is designed to evaluate the dialectics, practices and process of judicial administration. Driven by the need to reduce and possibly eradicate corruption in Nigeria,

JSW argues that if the judiciary, considered the beacon of a democratic process and good governance is tainted in corruption, the developmental objectives of the country will remain a mirage.

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