13 Days After, Fuel Queues Still Persist In Abuja.

The Federal Govt about 13 days ago, announced that it is suspending the proposed removal of subsidy from fuel.
Days before this announcement, queues appeared in all Abuja filling stations, as motorists went into panic and wanted to stork up at old price. Some filling station also hoarded their products, hoping to sell old stork at the expected new price.
Most filling stations on AYA-Kubwa-Zuba road, are not selling and the few that is open, is selling with few pumps.

Despite no increase, the queues have not vanished, most filling stations do not have fuel, some sell only twice a week.
Black market operators, are still making a kill, selling 10 litters at between N3000 to N3,500.
President Buhari, who doubles as Minister of Petroleum, has not addressed Nigerians on the lingering fuel scarcity.
Commercial motorists, who increased their fares, are yet to revert to the pre-13 days rate. They argue that, they still waste time on queues and at times, buy from black market operators, in order to be on the road to eke out a living.

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