Kubwa Express Justice Sector Watch

How has the Judiciary in FCT served you?
Are you a lawyer; a litigant, a concerned citizen, affected by the activities, omissions and outright demand for bribe by  any officer of the FCT Judiciary?
Are you happy with the treatment given to you by staff of FCT Judiciary?
We offer you a platform to air your opinion and seek redress, so that truly, the Judiciary will serve you well, as the last hope of the Common man.


JSW is a Kubwa Express News led initiative with the mission to hold the judiciary to account, promote transparency and spotlight corruption in all its’ forms in the Nigerian judiciary. JSW is designed to evaluate the dialectics, practices and process of judicial administration. Driven by the need to reduce and possibly eradicate corruption in Nigeria,

JSW argues that if the judiciary, considered the beacon of a democratic process and good governance is tainted in corruption, the developmental objectives of the country will remain a mirage.

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