Medical Negligence; 2 Years After, Family Still Crying For Justice.

Disney Chimhurumnanya Nwanne, was a lively and charming little girl. She was loved by all because of her angelic aura.
On this fateful day, 4th of February, 2020, she woke up as usual not knowing that her innocent life would be snuffed out  by the negligence of a medical team in Abuja Hospital.

She dressed up in her smart school uniform, hoping to go to school after visiting the hospital that very day.  Her mum drove her to the hospital and they walked into the hospital’s lobby where her medical file was called up. Few minutes before she was attended to by the hospital staff, she called her dad on the phone, assuring him that she is fine and will soon be on her way to school.

After consultation, the doctor on call prescribed some drugs which were administered to Disney orally. She reacted to the drugs and vomited. The medical team without due diagnosis on why she reacted to the oral drugs prescribed an intravenous drug which a nurse administered to her. Few moments after the intravenous drug was administered, Disney felt discomfort and like a scene in the Nollywood, she vomited blood from her mouth.

With her school uniform stained with blood, she was laid on the hospital bed. The medical team at the hospital, bereaved of idea was not able to provide any medical explanation or remedy that will save the life of poor Disney as they watched her take her last breath. With tears in her eyes, Disney’s mum held her hoping to provide comfort to her dead daughter and prayed that it will just be a dream.

Disney was pronounced dead. Preliminary investigation by National Medical Association (NMA), has indicted the medical team of incompetency and negligence. It was also established that Disney was administered a contaminated injection.

Two years after her death, her family, friends and well-wishers, are still crying for Justice. Neither the medical team nor  management of the hospital, has faced any disciplinary saction.

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