Markets In Kubwa.

Today is Saturday, the choice day for most residents of Kubwa to restock their pantry.
There are four major markets in Kubwa. The most popular, is Maitama Ultra Modern Market. Okada and Keke riders best know it as Kubwa Village Market.
It is named Maitama Ultra Modern Market because it is located-Market road, Dogondaji-part of Woman Boku, is the area where people from present day Maitama in Abuja City Centre were resettled. And it was their market that has now been modernized.
The market is big and busiest in Kubwa. What you cannot find here, be rest assured that you cannot find it in any other market in Kubwa.
Inside of the market is neat, shops are well spaced but the access road to the market, is filthy, littered with all manner of waste. Bwari Area Council that collects tolls from this market, should see to the cleanliness of the market’s environs.
Another choice market, is 2-1 market. This market is at Burutu Road, off Lagos Crescent. If you don’t like the hustle and bustle of Maitama Ultra Modern Market, here is for you. Due to its location, the volume of commercial activities is low. The access road to it is clean as well as inside. The market is well maintained and functions more like a neighborhood shop for those living in 2-1, Phase 4, who for whatever reason, do not want to go to Maitama Ultra Modern Market to just buy salt, something small to concoct soup until when they can afford to go to Maitama or other markets outside Kubwa.
If you are driving in with your car, you pay the same toll. The rate per car, per entrance, is the same as in Kubwa Village Market.
Kubwa Central Market on Byazhin road, is the second busiest market in Kubwa. Opposite it, is Kubwa Building Material Market. The close proximity of this, adds to stream of people patronizing the market.

Kubwa Central Market.

Kubwa Central Market is neat, full of energy and well maintained. At night, this market transfigures into a thriving drinking and pepper soup joint. Some patrons say that the market is more alive at night than during the day.
Kubwa Model Market or Dutse Pe Model Market, is hidden somewhere between opposite Dutse Alahaji.
For ease of accessing it, ask for the link road from Dutse to Army Resettlement Scheme Estate. Because of this location, commercial activities are low. Another factor for low patronage, is the market’s nearness to Dutse. Dutse Alahaji, has an old established market that can compete with Kubwa Village Market. Its presence does not give Kubwa Model Market a fighting chance.
Kubwa Model Market is big-most stores are empty. It has good neat access road and offers shopping comfort to those who cannot withstand shopping at Dutse or afford to “travel” to Maitama Ultra Modern Market.
Apart from these markets mentioned above, there are small neighborhood makeshift markets, that render service to house wives who forgot to replenish their pantries the previous Saturday and need a stop gap until Saturday comes again.

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