Your Faith & Nigeria’s Economy: By Bishop Of The Sinners Assembly

Apart from African Traditional Religion, all other popular faiths in Nigeria, believe that the World will come to an end and all that are happening now, are signs from their gods, that the Earth, is coming to an end.

Their adherents are taught to believe that this Earth, will be destroyed and they have glorious rewards in the hereafter. Most adherents have taken this to heart and fueled by this, they care less about the Earth, the abuse the Earth.

So if the Earth is not their home and all things here are heading to destruction, why are they bothered that Nigeria’s economy is going south?

So why are they bothered with the prophesies that if candidate A or B wins 2023, Nigeria will scatter. Is it not in partial fulfillment of the cardinal pillar of their faith?

The truth is, most faithfuls in Nigeria, have lost hope in the hereafter. They want theirs here on Earth, as they are not sure of any reward in the hereafter. Their holy books make it clear that there is no certainty for any of them to enter paradise or heaven; their righteousness is like a filthy rag; despite killing others in the name of their god, they are still not guaranteed 70 virgins.

The reality, is further made clearer by the gangster lifestyle of their clergy. They dress like either Arabian or Hollywood superstars and go for the best of things, women inclusive.

Against this backdrop, the faithfuls in Nigeria, are jittery over the skyrocketing Dollar.
They fail to believe that their god will make a way for them, provide for them in the midst of famine-they now want to work it out, figure it all out and join the rat race towards hoarding Dollars.

One faith’s clergy man, is organizing a Dollar Service, for business members, who are having problems procuring Dollar. Yes, the offering to attract Dollar will be made in Dollar.

Another faith, has taken to buying gold, Saudi gold. They don’t want to wait for the 70 virgins but need cash, to take care of the 4 here.

But in African Traditional Religion, the more the Earth is rotten, the more do African gods manifest their powers. Adherents do not want to fly away at any given economic hardship; they consult on how to prosper in the midst of famine. They go for divination on why has Ala refused to produce quality yam; why Eligwe has withheld rain and why has a strange sickness befallen the land.

Consistently, these consultings, divinations, have always produced results.

African Traditional Religion adherent, is not flying away but will reunite with his or her ancestors and take care of the Earth, care of those he or she will leave behind as he or she believes that life does not end but a continuous circle.

As life does not end, so also does Earth that sustains life; like a trader who goes to the market, once you are done selling your wares, you leave, make space for others to display theirs.

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