Sarkin Bwari Decries Poor Conditions of Schools In Bwari Area Council

The chiefdom monitor of Sarkin Bwari Palace, Mr. Hamza Abubakar, said the state of the LEA Primary School in the council was completely bad, as the roofs and ceilings were pulling off, just as the town clinic was getting worse.

He stated this at a town hall meeting organised by Hipcity Innovations Centre in Bwari area council to know the plight of the indigenous people and draw the government’s attention to them.

He further said, the schools and clinic need government attention. There are areas in Bwari that lack potable water and their boreholes are bad. For example, Igu and Kawu villages lack water supply and they depend on dirty stream water for domestic use. They seriously need government attention.”

The chiefdom coordinator of Bwari area council, Mr. Awoyi Bwari, lamented that the feeder roads in the communities were in deplorable state, saying the communities cannot access the water supply from the Usman Dam because they were told they were not connected to the water supply from there.

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