Mazi AJO, Vote Of Thanks

Dear friends, colleagues and family.

My heart is filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude for the phone calls and messages I received yesterday (25:10:2022) as I turned fifty. Many were the posts on various social media platform which not only wished me well but made  very lovely and kind posts  about me.

Many travelled from far and near to share in the joy of the day.

Many also paid for newspaper advertorials to celebrate my golden jubilee. Many others spent time and resources to put together a very beautiful birthday party for me.

Some others organised events in other cities to mark the day . I was indeed honoured in many ways I cannot mention.

The outpouring of love , good wishes , prayers and kind words left me short of words. Your kind wishes and words made the day a special one.

I’m humbled by every thing you did. It’s only God that can bless and reward you for everything done to make the day memorable one.

I may not be able to respond individually to everyone who sent a message to me. I’m indeed very grateful  to you all for all your show of love as I celebrated my birthday yesterday.

The love is overwhelming that I can only pray that God will reward you exceedingly. May you be celebrated much more than you have celebrated me.

Thank you all for your time and effort.

Remain blessed.

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