Bishop’s Episcopal Letter To Wives

Dear Wives,

Be careful of your husbands when they travel and;
1. Call you by 10pm and say he is in his hotel room, about to sleep and insist that you two, should pray together. Guy man wants to put your mind at rest so that you will not call by 12-5am when he will be a prey in the laps of a night nurse.

2. When in the middle of phone call with you, he hands the phone to a friend and say,”baby Emeka wants to greet you.”
Madam, Emeka, is an accomplice and since you trust Emeka as a Deacon in your church, you will be at rest that there are no choir members using Emeka’s 3rd leg as mouth flute.

3. When he comes home and rush to make love to you, as if he had not seen to-to since he traveled. Just pay attention, he will betray himself by doing a new style he just learnt from a night nurse, from his travel.

Lonely Bishop doing amebo against those who cum Benin but not only to bury Ogaga!

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