Immediate Past NBA President Sir, Lawyers Did Not Loot Conference Materials, Conference Planning Committee Failed

I have re-read the statement by the immediate past NBA President, Olumide Akpata, Esq on the “looting” of Conference Materials by lawyers and his threat to sue those involved. Curiously, the immediate past NBA President, did not see complicity and failure of leadership by TCCP as partly responsible for this unfortunate event.
I am forced to write this rejoinder, because I was on ground and interacted with some of the lawyers who were involved in what they called Rescue And Repatriation of what they’ paid for.

1. Lawyers did not loot Conference materials.
2. They merely repatriated what they paid for but was hoarded by the Conference Planning Committee.
3. The rescuing operation happened because; neither TCCP nor LOC was on ground to give firm believable explanation why Conference materials lawyers paid for months ago ahead of the D-date, were not available 3 days into the Conference.

4. There were clash of ego, between the ushers manning the booth and aggrieved lawyers.
The ushers felt that lawyers were disrespectful to them, condescending and responded rudely to questions and demands made by lawyers.
On the flip side, lawyers felt that the ushers were rude and not considerate in the manner they related with them. Stalemate.

Tobenna Erojikwe, Chairman, NBA 2022 Technical Committee on Conference Planning (TCCP)

5. TCCP Chairman was not at hand to address the issue of shortage of Conference materials. He was wherever he was, which wasn’t Eko Atlantic City Beach (Collection Centre), issuing statements and letters.
Had he been on ground, mingling with his colleagues, dousing tension, this unfortunate rescuing and forceful  repatriation, akin to COVID-19 palliative looting, wouldn’t have happened.

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