I Congratulate YC Maikyau SAN, 31st President Of NBA

The first time, I was introduced to him by a mutual friend, I knew he will win and outrightly told him, he should be working on the margin with which to beat JK Gadzama and my prediction came through.

Throughout my campaign, I made it clear that although I was contesting to win, but I would rather lose if it was the sacrifice needed for YC to win. I repeated this to his hearing and honestly, he was touched and kept discouraging me from such comments.
But during our consultations visits to NBA Owerri, which is my native Bar, I openly endorsed and campaigned for him, as I was convinced that he would win.

Petition was written against me by that Law School drop out-Kayode Bello, because I was according to him, “codedly” using Kubwaexpress to project YC to the detriment of others. As if I cared.

Apart from the example set by Mazi Afam Osigwe in 2018 when he was disqualified and didn’t go to court, my believe that YC, will win was also a factor to my taking that suspicious disqualification to the gods of my village instead of going to any Nigerian court of Law. Mazi had also “advised” me, that it is not wise to sue your association, particularly, if you aspire to lead it one day.

So throughout the campaign, I had fatherly relationship with YC and I saw him from different angles when every other supporter had gone. I have coded pictures of these moments.

But I can tell you for free, especially the new exco members that will serve the Bar with him.

YC Maikyau SAN, the 31st President of NBA, is a soldier’s son. Let me rephrase, YC, is a barrack’s boy. You get it? You cannot run him street.

YC, lover of good tea leaves.

He is kind hearted, generous to a fault, bows to superior argument, deeply theological, likes feeding people like Jesus fed the multitude but he is not a pushover. He doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, he is a rewarder of excellence. If you want to wriggle into his heart, you must earn it.

I wish him well as he starts his tenure.   

He has already started on a good footing and has further tickled my heart  with his appointment of Mr. E. Y. Kura SAN to Chair Electoral Reform Committee, whose key mandate of this committee is the reduction/minimisation of the costs incurred by candidates during NBA national elections.

May Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau succeed.

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