Akpata Offers Greek Gift To NEC Members

According to a blog, barristerng, the Executive Committee of the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA EXCO has approved the Sum of N100,000(One Hundred Thousand Naira) Only, for Branch Chairmen and Secretaries that will attend this year Pre-AGC National Executive Council meeting and the Annual General Meeting of the Association Scheduled to hold on 21st and 25th August 2022, respectively.

A seasoned Bar leader we spoke to, said that this is unheard of and another first by the fading Olumide Akpata’s administration.

Conventionally, Branch Chairmen and Secretaries are sponsored to NEC by their Branches and not by NBA National. NBA national merely provide hotel and other appurtenances, to make the NEC members comfortable while deliberating on the way forward.

A NEC member, who simply identified himself as Osage, Esq told Kubwaexpress that laudable as this is, the timing is worrisome as it gives the impression that Olumide Akpata’s Exco, is financially inducing NEC to side it in the ongoing obnoxious power wrangling and royal rumble with the General Secretary, Mrs. Joyce Oduah.

At an emergency Exco meeting, Mrs. Joyce Oduah was suspended. She has challenged this suspension in court, contending that there no provision (s) in NBA Constitution that prescribes for suspension of any National Officer by faction of the Exco.

Another lawyer, who spoke to us, said that any NEC member, who collects this Greek gift of N100,000, should be seen as Judas or Easu, who sold his birthright for a saucer of portage. He further stated that illegality cannot be bribed into become legality.

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