Mazi Afam Welcomes You To NBA Annual General Conference 2022

The long-awaited Annual General Conference (AGC) of the Nigerian Bar Association scheduled to take place at Eko Atlantic City, Lagos has finally commenced. I therefore welcome all conferees to the 62nd Annual General Conference of the Nigerian Bar Association holding in Lagos with the theme – “Bold Transitions”.

Despite the security challenges and increasing cost of transportation, our colleagues have travelled from all parts of the country to participate in this year’s conference. This is no mean feat. Our commitment to be here in Lagos demonstrates not only a strong faith in our Association but reaffirms unwavering hope that the conference will contribute to the nation building.

As we prepare for change in the leadership of our Association as well as the 2023 General elections, we will have opportunities to look at the way our framing of history impacts our outlook on our Association and country. All ideas, plans and suggestions that will emanate from the AGC, will hopefully steer us in the right direction, especially in Nigeria.
It in this regard that I am particularly thrilled that some Presidential candidates have been invited to share their thoughts with us about their plans for the country’s future. Hopefully, the discussions in this Conference will besides throwing light on preparations for the future, throw light on how to achieve them.

It is my expectation that this year’s conference will afford us a unique opportunity to share ideas, learn, sustain friendships and contribute effectively to making our Association and Nation Nigeria a better place for all citizens.
As much as attending the Conference sessions are imperative so also is attending class reunions, parties, luncheons and meet and greet.
Do please make the best of your time in Lagos.

I wish all Conferees journey mercies to and fro Lagos. Our labour shall never be in vain.

God bless NBA, God bless Nigeria.
Mazi Afam Osigwe SAN.

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