Who Is Taidi; the underdog?

I, Jonathan Gunu Taidi, called to the Nigerian Bar in January, 2001 and engaged in full time Legal Practice, after wide consultations and even deeper reflections, humbly present myself as a candidate for election as the President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) in the 2022 Election of National Officers.

The NBA has been, and continues to be dear to my heart and its affairs occupy a foremost place in my mind. Over the years, I am grateful to have served the association in various capacities, the more recent being as General Secretary (2018 – 2020) and Member NBA Secretariat Restructuring Committee (2021 – 2022).
I have had a front row seat in watching how successive administrations grappled with various challenges bedeviling not only the Association, but our dear nation.
Now, I am even more encouraged by the landmark attainments of the current administration which has rekindled the hope and interest of a great many members who previously paid scant interest to the NBA but who are now keenly interested in its affairs.

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