Chidi Ezenwafor Threatens Kubwaexpress Accuses Her Of Smear Campaign

After our publication; Chidi Ezenwafor; Why Nigerian Army Does Not Respect NBA, ( a copy was emailed to Chidi Ezenwafor asking for his rejoinder if the story is not true.
We wanted his clarification before publishing the concluding part of the evolving story.

Chidi Ezenwafor via WhatsApp chat to one of our publishers said, “this is simply a calculated attack at my person and stewardship to the branch which ended two whole years ago! Whatever your reason and whatever you hope to gain by such, only you know.”
In another blast he said, “Am just amused by your time and posts, but just so you know, am no Uchenna Amulu my dear brother, don’t mistake my peaceful nature for a weakness!”

While we are not afraid of this empty threat, we wish to put it on record. We have advised those who called for us to pull down the story, to tell Chidi Ezenwafor that threatening Kubwaexpress or her staff, is too low and an attitude we shall not tolerate. He is a lawyer, he should know better and sue for defamation rather than this threat to resort to self help.
We stand by our story and will still publish the remaining part, once we receive reply to our email from the Nigerian Army.

We have also sent a letter to NBA Abuja requesting information about the financial activities of the Branch during the time Chidi Ezenwafor served as Secretary of the Branch.

We vow to keep you informed as development unfolds.
CHIDI EZENWAFOR, ESQ, you should never threaten a journalist or media outfit who is merely doing his job.

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