Unity Bar Night Of Long Knife; Kubwaexpress Predicts

The chariots have been readied for war; horses mounted and the fate of 7 chairmanship candidates in 9th June Election of NBA Abuja(Unity Bar), now hang in the hands of voters.

The Ebute led faction entered the finishing lap with muted controversy over the voters list. There was massive padding and omission of names.
They kept releasing  upgraded voters list up to 13 hours to election. This is clearly contrary to the provision of NBA Uniformed Bye Law for Branches. But they are lawyers, they know how to bend the rules.

The Bulus faction, kept everything under wraps and quietly went about their business like a line of Seminarians going for a burial.

Since 2010, Kubwaexpress has successfully called the Unity Bar Election.
Our projected winner has always won but in this year’s election, we are being careful as some of our staff, especially Felix Chukwuma Ashimole, is emotionally marooned in this election. It is a known secret that Afam Okeke, one of the leading candidate, is his NLC Classmate and close friend.

The race in Ebute’s faction of Unity is a two horse race between Afam Okeke and Ajuluchukwu Ozo Eze. It is a tight call and will be not only the most keenly contested but also will record the closest margin of victory in Unity Bar history. Ajuluchukwu Ozo Eze, will win.

In the other faction, it will be a straight fight between Eric Ibe and Obioma Ezenwobodo. Ezenwobodo entered the race grudgingly and did not stop his feet loudly. Onyekachi, the other candidate, has been marked as “boy” of a former chairman of their faction. This has made his would’ve been dark horse, underdog surprise spring at the race doubtful.

Eric Ibe, the outgoing Secretary of this Bulus faction will emerge victorious.

Despite the above, particularly in Ebute’s faction, the decider between Afam and Ajuluchukwu, will be who will mobilize his supporters to vote.

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