SPIDEL Conference; what Monday Ubani should do

For two days now, I keep imagining what Monday Ubani, Esq the human right crusader, the defender of the oppressed, would’ve written, said in an interview, about Deborah Yakubu and insistence by any section of NBA to still hold a scheduled program in Sokoto after the gruesome murder of an innocent young girl by her Islamic fundamentalist school mates.

But he is Chair of SPIDEL & is tiptoeing around the issue and have to politically balance issues but what political interest is there to balance? Sponsors money? Money from branding?
Or had the Governor wanted to use the Conference to further launch his “consultation” to contest Nigerian’s presidency come 2023?
We must speak up, get this periodic murder in the name of god stopped and there is no better time than now. NBA should condemn the murder and sound thunderous warning to all and sundry, as we head into 2023(violence spree is expected).
As mark of solidarity with Deborah’s parents, I have canceled my flight to Sokoto for the SPIDEL Conference. I appeal to you, to do so.

NBA cannot guarantee your safety outside the Conference Hall and yes, you will have to travel from the airport to your hotel;
You will have to travel from your hotel to the venue;
You will be tempted to join the Deborah/Fundamentalism discuss in public bus;   Who will guarantee your safety?
Kindly borrow yourself small something and boycott SPIDEL in Sokoto.

The leadership of SPIDEL can be given protection by the police and Governor of the state, let the go to Sokoto and organize the Conference via zoom, after all Oby Ezekwesili one of their resources person was to speak to the attendees via Skype as she wouldn’t have been physically present in Sokoto.(After the news of murder of Deborah Yakubu broke, Oby Ezekwsili cancelled her participation.)

Monday Ubani, Esq, should show leadership in these trying times, consider the safety of his colleagues first before any other considerations and either call off this SPIDEL Conference 22-26 May, or resort to use of Zoom and any other medium.

Felix Ashimole, Esq, one of our publishers, have burning desire to see a truly digitalized NBA.


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